Saint John Spring Fling

June 1st 2024

Lord Beaverbrook Arena 



Take back your mind and body; while setting yourself up for a positive and full 2024!!!

Anyone can register, including all competitors competing at the upcoming show. There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placing awarded.

• The cost is $80 tax included.

• You have 12 weeks to prepare for the after pictures.

• Open to men and women.

• The successful winner must make the biggest transformation, build the most proportioned physique and have the best shape of all the contestants regardless of your weight or height.

As well, the promoter and sponsors of this event will be presenting trophies to the Top 3.

The winners will have Social Media exposure of all your accomplishments.


The judges will be chosen by the promoters from various categories of fitness and judged 1 week in advance prior to the event. They will evaluate final entries based on the following factors; weight loss, muscle gain, shape & symmetry and presentation. The judges will need to see these changes in the pictures so it’s important that both before and after pictures are in focus and taken at appropriate angles and with good lighting. No selfies please! Clothing for contest pictures and stage: a two piece bikini for the ladies or tank tini crop top and tight fitting shorts or posing trunks/board shorts for the men. ( preferably Black, light colors, little to no logos ) Just remember we’re trying to judge overall change, if you hide your body in these pictures it might work against you and make it difficult for the judges to see how you’re your body has changed.

PHOTO REQUIREMENTS (HIGH RESOLUTION – HIGH QUALITY): There are 4 required pictures required for registration and must be taken no earlier than Saturday March 3rd but can be taken after. Please submit a 250 word essay explaining why you entered the contest along with your 4 photos no later than Along with your 4 photos doing a quarter turn each time, in the front facing photo please hold a newspaper or proof of the date on or after May 25th, 2024.

If you need more information please reach out to Adam Walker at [email protected] or call 506 333 3556.