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IFF General Rules (2023)

Men’s Classic Physique Rules (2023)

Women Bikini Fitness Rules (2023)

Men’s Bodybuilding Rules (2023)

Men’s Classic Bodybuilding and Games Classic Bodybuilding Rules (2023)

Women Bodyfitness Rules (2023)

Children Fitness Challenge Rules (2023)

Men’s Fitness Rules (2023)

Women’s Physique Rules (2023)

Men’s Physique Rules (2023)

Athletic Fitness Rules (2023)

Men’s Wheelchair Bodybuilding Rules (2023)

Children’s Fitness Rules (2023)

Women’s Fit Models Rules with Graphics (2019)

Men’s Fit Model Rules (2023)

Women’s Fit Model Rules (2022)

Fit Model Category – Qualification Criteria for Prize Money Invitational Events (2023)

Mixed Pairs Rules (2023)

Women’s Wellness Fitness Rules (2023)

Women’s Artistic Fitness Rules (2023)

Fit Pairs Rules (2023)

Fitness Challenge Rules (2023)

Women’s Acrobatic Fitness Rules (2023)